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Couple Square Dancing
Discover Today's Style
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Round Dancing
or Clogging
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Learn at an easy pace
with lots of review.
Over 2,000 British Columbians
enjoy square dancing
& related dance forms.


Presented by the SQUAREUPB.C.
marketing initiative of the

British Columbia Square
& Round Dance Federation,



Today's Style of Square Dancing

  What makes square dancing so great?
It's very social. The very nature of this style
of dance is interactive teams of 8 people
reacting to commands from a "caller/entertainer."
You'll start dancing and having fun right away
and making new friends almost as fast.
Most clubs welcome singles.
How Different
is Today's Square Dancing
from its Traditional Image?

The modern square dance has evolved.
Many people experienced traditional, old-time
square dancing in their school years.
They may not have enjoyed old
fashioned music and simplistic moves.
It's better today than what they did in school.
Instead of memorizing routines, now you learn
individual "calls" that the caller puts together
in endless combinations, so you have to listen.
The music heard on today's square dance
floor ranges from pop to country
and show tunes to golden oldies.

Learn of the Benefits
& See How You Learn
in the 10 minute video

"Dancing Keeps You Young"

Discover How Dancing
Improves Brain Function

& Reverses Signs of Aging
in the following 3 1/2 minute video
(courtesy of Science Nature Page):


Many Benefits

The square dance is mildly aerobic and
what better way to guarantee some fun
exercise than by attending a weekly session?
A typical square dance event will have you
moving the equivalent of several kilometres
but you'll be having too much fun to notice.
In fact, the road to better health through
square dancing is so proven that we've
developed a printable 2-page brochure
that's available online.
Entitled "Your Prescription for Better Health,"
it contains endorsements by many medical
professionals, detailing the physical, mental
and social health benefits of square dancing
and its companion dance form,
round dancing:

The social element of dancing with many
friendly people moving to lively music is a
great way to forget the stress of the day.
You'll make many new friends who
often become friends both on and off
the dance floor.
A wonderful benefit for couples is that
square dancing provides a regular
opportunity for "together time."
It's an interest away from home that
a couple can share in equally.
More About
Today's Square Dancing

Select from the following:
Got "Two Left Feet?"
How Much Does it Cost?
Who will be at the Dances
& is it mostly Couples?

What's the Attire?
What Follows the New
Dancer Sessions?

Is Square Dancing

Square Dance Travel

Other Dance Forms

What if There's No
Square Dance Instruction
in my Area?

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Got "Two Left Feet?"

If you can walk, you can square dance
(although in B.C. we have a wheelchair dance club).
This style of dance uses upper body hand
and arm movements, so there are no
difficult "steps." You simply glide along to
the rhythm of the music.
In learning to dance it's not uncommon to feel
self-conscious, wanting to avoid making
mistakes in front of others.
In fact, there's no need to feel pressure because
everyone learns from a patient instructor.
Reinforced with lots of review, you'll become
confident and see how much fun it is.
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How Much Does it Cost?

The square dance recreation is probably one of the
most economical activities that you'll find anywhere.
When you start to learn, the first one or more
sessions are usually free to try it out,
so you're already ahead with cost saving.
You'll get your money's worth, especially when you
find that many dances close with delicious
refreshments, included at no extra charge.
Remember, too, that by square dancing
you're investing in a fitness activity
that works toward better health.

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Who will be at the Dances
& is it mostly Couples?

People just like you enjoy square dancing.
They come from all walks of life.

They're people who want to have genuine
fun and lots of laughs.
We all want to improve our
physical and mental well-being and
to make new friends in a healthy
social atmosphere.
Most dances are composed of partnered dancers
and single dancers. Dance clubs make every
effort to involve those attending solo.

In more recent times, due to the greater interest
of women in dance and a higher demographic
of single persons, some ladies are learning
both the left and right positions of a square
dance couple, particularly the traditional
"man's position" to the left.
That way, they're dancing most all the time.
In Burnaby you'll find a club that was
established for singles but also welcomes
couples called the "Swinging Singles"
(that's "swing" as in: "swing your partner!")
In Vancouver there is a gender-neutral square
dance club of particular appeal to the
same sex community.
See those clubs in our "Listings" section.
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What's the Attire?

Comfortable, dressy-casual is appropriate to square
dance with low-rise footwear that won't mark the floor.
Men generally wear long-sleeved shirts and pants or
dressy jeans. Many of today's square dancing ladies
like a longer, flowing skirt often called a Prairie Skirt.
Dance clubs welcome those who opt to wear traditional
square dance attire, crinoline underskirt included.

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What Follows
the New Dancer Sessions?

Once you complete your instruction, your sponsoring
dance club will invite you to attend their regular sessions
that usually take place weekly.
Many clubs observe programs of square dance calls
as identified by Callerlab, an international organization
of square dance callers.
Your program of choice depends upon the time you
can commit to learning. Listed from the lowest to
the greatest challenge, the programs are:
Advanced 1 & 2
Challenge 1, 2 & 3
"Mainstream" has been the entry program
and the level at which many clubs dance weekly but a
condensed program called "West Coast Square Dancing"
is increasing in popularity. Developed in British Columbia,
it utilizes the most popular calls in the Mainstream
program, getting you dancing sooner,
usually in 10 to 12 weeks.
The Callerlab organization has also issued a
"Condensed Teaching Method" program to
accommodate those pressed for time but
wanting to learn to square dance.
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Is Square Dancing Competitive?
It's not generally considered a competitive
activity although there are a few instances
where competition is enjoyed.
One such event takes place annually
in B.C., Washington State or Oregon
State known as the Pacific Northwest
Teen Square Dance Festival.
The event rotates between regions.
Involving several competitive categories
including calling and exhibitions, it keeps
pre-teens and teens interested and
focused in the activity.
The competitors and their families
post videos to YouTube every year
that reveal the Teen Festival fun.
Click here for a link
from which you can select

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Square Dance Travel Opportunities

A wonderful aspect about learning to square dance
is how
you open up a world of possibilities for travel.
Since the "calls" are standardized globally in
the English language, you can travel to dance
in many other countries.
Furthermore, dance Festivals and Conventions
make it extra fun to travel near and far,
joining hundreds and even thousands of other
square dancers.
World square dance tours and even cruises
featuring square dancing to some top callers
aboard ship are also available.
Perhaps the most fun can be had just driving up
the road to the nearest town or city where they'll
probably have a square dance club. Travelling
to dances within your region lets you make
new dance friends close to home.

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Other Dance Forms Embraced

Under the non-profit B.C. Square & Round Dance
Federation, other dance forms such as round dancing
and clog dancing are embraced.
Round dancing is square dancing's companion dance
that's usually incorporated into a square dance program.
It's choreographed ballroom dancing where nobody has
to lead because the steps are prompted by a "cuer"
over the microphone.
Some square dance clubs offer new round dancer
sessions and there are some clubs in B.C. that
only round dance.
Clog dance clubs also operate in select cities
around the province.
Clogging is a low impact, rhythmic dance
done to live cues and a great variety of music.
It welcomes all ages and is very popular with singles.
The style is contemporary, precision style clogging.

Although not commonly available,
Contra Dancing is embraced by the
B.C. Square & Round Dance Federation.
It's considered the forerunner to the
square dance. It involves facing lines
of dancers who interact across and
up and down the lines.
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What if There's No Square Dance

Instruction in My Area?

Should your area of B.C. not have square dance
instruction available, we invite you to explore an
8-CD audio series called "Moving and Grooving."

Complete with the music you'll need, it will have
 you dancing in very little time.
See information online at:
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Where to E-mail Questions
or Phone Toll-free
(state the city relative to your inquiry)

If you don't live in British Columbia, the Canadian
Square & Round Dance Society operates a
toll-free information line at:
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Squares Across the Border
Square Dance Club
Vancouver's Grandview-Woodland District

Featuring 2 FREE new dancer sessions

in September, 2017!

Attend one or both. Just drop in.

Come try today's style of

square dancing.

You'll have loads of fun!

Free sessions on Tues. Sept. 12

& Tues. Sept. 19, 7 - 9 pm.


Room #111,

Britannia Secondary School,

1001 Cotton Drive, Vancouver

(just west of Commercial & Napier)

Click here for a map

We are

Vancouver's dance club for LGBTQ

& friends, founded in 1983.

Everyone is invited.

Take a chance & dance!

Singles & couples welcome

No dress code

Bring your sense of adventure and

your sense of humour!

Regular weekly sessions will continue

from Sept. 26 through Dec.  5

on same day and

at same times & location.

Note: It is preferred that you attend

at least one of the free sessions

in advance of the weekly lessons.

If you cannot, please contact us and

we'll make every effort to accommodate

you because newcomers are V.I.P.'s!

This group offers a gender neutral

environment for all persons,

single or partnered, including the

same sex community.

Presenting dance music

from the traditional to contemporary.

Caller-teacher/entertainer: Nicky Hood

Call for information or just to say

"I want to join the fun!":

Carol - 604-874-6486  -  E-MAIL

Club E-MAIL 

Club web page:

Squares Across the Border

 Club Facebook page:

Facebook: Squares Across the Border



 Burnaby Dance Clubs
Select below to advance:
Wesburn Wranglers Pre-Teens & Teens
Swinging Singles (& Couples) Adult Club


Couple Standing in a Dance Pose
 & Round Dance Club


At select times during each year this very active dance club

offers both square dance & round dance lessons

(choreographed ballroom to live cues).

Round dance instruction  for newcomers is expected

to resume in the fall of 2019.

Your timing is great if you'd like to try square dancing!

Click on the "Square Dancing" link below to learn about

your last chance on Thurs. May 30 for a FREE lesson

that's part of a May/June condensed 10-session course.

Go see if you like it. We think you will!


Round Dancing

Square Dancing



Round Dancing as a Family

New Round Dancer Fun

Instruction in choreographed ballroom dancing known as

Round Dancing started in February, 2019,

and is now closed to newcomers.

The sessions are running on Sunday evenings, 6:30-8:30.

The sessions usually require no pre-registration and you

just drop in to start.

Those interested in joining-in at a later date should inquire

at the contacts shown below.

Call or e-mail.


Round dancing is enjoyed as a couple, utilizing ballroom steps

done to live cues from a "cuer." The dancers progress in unison

around the dance floor in a counter-clockwise direction.

It's ideal for those who find it a challenge to lead their partner

because everyone moves to the cues given.

All the dancers learn together  with lots of review and patient

instruction from the cuer-teacher.

The February, 2019, sessions started by teaching the waltz.

No previous dance experience is necessary.

Singles are welcome and woman/woman

partnering is welcomed.

For couples, the round dance activity can be precious

"together time" outside the home.

Just comfortable, dressy casual attire. Wear low heel,

non-rubber, soft sole, well-fitted comfortable shoes.

A $7 fee per person per session applies.

Complimentary coffee & tea - Free parking.


Featuring the brother/sister duo
Caitlyn & Nicholas Brendzy
as your cuer-teacher/entertainers



Charles Rummell Hall
3630 Lozells Avenue, Burnaby
Click here for a map

Contact for more information:

604-521-7497, E-MAIL
Nicholas & Caitlyn:
See the club's web site at:
Swinging Singles Dance Club
Click below for the Facebook page:
Swinging Singles on FACEBOOK
Learn more about round dancing,
including a video, at the
following links, thanks to
"You 2 Can Dance:"
Click Here for Round Dance Article
To download a round dance video
Click Here
then click on
an image of round dancers



Poster-Swinging Singles Spring Lessons 2019

New Square Dancer Fun in the Lower Mainland

The Swinging Singles (& Couples) square & round dance club

of Burnaby is excited to present a late Spring period

of condensed lessons in today's style of square dancing.

But hurry! Your last chance to join in for a

FREE 1st lesson is 7 pm Thursday May 30, 2019.

You'll be introduced to the fun, fitness & friendship to be found

in the ideal social recreation of square dancing.

You'll experience lots of smiles & laughs right away

and make some new friends. Come give it a try!

Just drop in for 7 pm Thursday at the location shown below.

You can sign-up at the door:

Thursday May 30 - Wesburn Community Centre
4781 Parkwood Avenue, Burnaby

You'll be surprised at just how much fun you have and

will want to continue the remaining 8 sessions on

Tuesdays & Thursdays: June 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20, 25 & 27

Allow  for 90 minutes per lesson.

Singles, couples & families are welcome.

No experience or special clothing required.

The total fee for the course is only $60.

A family rate is available.

Lots of benefits:

Have fun, laugh, make new friends, exercise, reduce stress

& improve memory skills; all while dancing to great music!

Featuring a condensed program that gets you dancing sooner!

You'll discover a great experience!


Square Dance Caller-teacher Brent Mawdsley
Featuring Brent Mawdsley
as your


Location for Thursday May 30
& subsequent June lessons:
Wesburn Community Centre, Burnaby - Exterior Shot
Wesburn Community Centre
4781 Parkwood Avenue, Burnaby
Click here for a map


Pat, Club President:
604-521-7497, E-MAIL
Click here for a PDF format lesson poster
See the club's web site at:

Swinging Singles Dance Club
Click below for the Facebook page:
Swinging Singles on FACEBOOK




Couple Standing in a Dance Pose
Century House Squares
New Westminster

It's time to get active in 2019.

Discover today's style of square dancing

as an avenue toward better fitness,

some true socializing

and loads of fun!

You're invited to sample the great

experience that is modern square dancing!

This club provides an opportunity

to learn to square dance

on Monday afternoons.

The time is particularly suitable

for night-workers,

shift-workers or those who

don't wish to drive at night.

New square dancer sessions

take place every Monday,

Noon to 1 p.m.

No need to register,

just drop in on any Monday

even if only to try it!

(except Labour Day, Thanksgiving,

Christmas holidays,

B.C. Day, Easter Monday)

Have good fun, live actively

and make new friends.

Singles are welcome

and it's a great activity for

couples to have "together time"

away from home.

Dressy casual attire.

Carry in comfortable but

well-fitted low heel shoes

with soft soles.

Two square dance callers

will entertain you

at this fun group:

Ken Crisp & Chuck Jordan.

They say

"we'll welcome any

new dancers and work

with them at any level

they are capable for an hour.

Each week they return, we'll

review the past weeks and

add a little something new.

If they're interested in continuing

on to a formal class at

another location and have

transportation available, we'll

encourage them to do so."

Please avoid wearing scented

products in this

scent-free facility.

$7/person drop-in admission.

Get ready for a

great experience!


Century House Building Front - New Westminster
Century House, Moody Park
620 - 8th Street, New Westminster
Click here for a map

Caller/Round Dance Cuer:

 Ken Crisp

Caller: Chuck Jordan


Ken Crisp, Instructor
604-941-6392, E-MAIL

Chuck Jordan, 604-937-3095


Learn more at the following

link about the many

benefits to square dancing

and watch videos that show

how you learn and how dance

reverses signs of aging:

Click here to advance up



Wesburn Dancers with Banner at Teen Festival
Wesburn Wranglers Pre-teen & Teen
Square & Round 
Dance Club

Gift your child the joy of social dancing!

Let him or her discover loads of fun

learning today's style of square dancing.

The first occasion is free!

An introductory lesson period is

underway with the next opportunity

being 3 pm Sun. Oct. 28, 2018.

No obligation for your child

to try dancing on the first visit.

Just drop in to the

Wesburn Community Centre

in Burnaby (see map link below).


Your child will be

in for a great experience!

Ages 8 and up suggested.

Allow for 1 hour.

In the very social recreation

of square dancing, a child learns

to move to the beat of the music

while getting valuable exercise.

The musical selections are ones

to which kids can relate.

Children learn teamwork and how

to listen & co-operate.

They also learn social graces

that will serve them well

throughout life.


This dance club continues

to be a cornerstone of

support for the annual

Pacific Northwest Teen

Square Dance Festival.

Club members compete

each year, usually in early May,

and generally

bring home the trophies!


It's another aspect of the

club that engages and

highly excites the children.

The benefits are many!

See the Facebook

pages at the links below

for more details.


Bring your child for a free

hour of fun Sunday October 28!

Just a nominal fee applies to

continue the fun every Sunday.

Free parking, free snacks,

soda pop is only $1.00.

Note that car-pooling can be

arranged depending upon

the location involved.

The club operates under the term

method: 2 terms per dance season.

The very economical registration

fees for each term are as follows:

Now through December - $50

January to April - $60


       Ray Brendzy - Youth Square Dance Caller-teacher
Caller-teacher: Ray Brendzy


Location for all the dancing:
Wesburn Community Centre - Exterior
Wesburn Community Centre
4781 Parkwood, Burnaby
Click here for a map link


Ray & Christine Brendzy,


     Click here for a feature
Facebook post about the
lessons, including a
profile of the caller-teacher

Click here for the club's
Facebook home page

Also offered:

Couples Round Dancing, including a youth couple


Lessons in choreographed ballroom

for kids set to live cues

Enjoyed with a partner where everyone

moves in unison in a large circle.

Once the individual steps are mastered,

the dancer simply listens to the "cuer"

for the choreography. Nobody "leads"

in the round dance.

These 1 hour sessions take place

Sunday afternoons at 2:00.

Contact the club to inquire further.

Instructor: Krista Baird


Ray & Christine Brendzy,

604-294-1429, E-MAIL



Delta Sundancers
Pre-teen & Teen
Square & Round 
Dance Club


New square dancer sessions for kids

generally start in September or October.

The club recently made a change

that included a move from Delta to the

Cloverdale Recreation Centre.

The dance fun takes place on

Sunday afternoons, 1:00 to 2:30.

New round dancer sessions for kids

may also take place. That's

choreographed ballroom to live cues.

The Sundancers compete annually

at the Pacific Northwest Teen

Square Dance Festival.

At the following YouTube link, see

Sundancer competitors performing

in the "display category"

at the 2013 Teen Festival

(the center group is theirs)

PNTSDF 2013 - Delta Sundancers

Call or e-mail to inquire

about joining in.

Instructor:  Danielle Garbe

Contact Danielle & Aaron:

778-574-0520 - E-MAIL




T. W. Twirlers
Square Dance Club


This fun club features

the calling of Tyler Wagner,

popular with the dancers

and the public for his

Elvis tributes!

Tyler Wagner - Square Dance Caller & Elvis Tribute Artist
Tyler Wagner
Square Dance Caller/
Elvis Tribute Artist
(see a video below

Learn to square dance

or round dance
(choreographed ballroom
done to live cues)

with this lively group

any Monday from Sept. 10,

7:00 to 9:00 pm,

through December, 2018.

Your 1st visit will be FREE

to try the dancing!

You're warmly invited because

the doors are open

for awhile to newcomers!

After your complimentary

1st night, if you bring a friend

to a subsequent session he or

she will be admitted free!

Singles, couples,

families welcome.

Regular Monday lessons

will continue from 7 to 9 pm

for an economical admission fee.



Christian Life Assembly Church,
Unit #110
12332 Pattullo Place,
(near the Scott Road Skytrain station)
Click here for a map
courtesy of Google Maps


Today's square dancing is:

Loads of fun!

Active living

Very social & economical

All ages welcome

Casual attire to learn

"Together time" where couples
can share an activity

Enjoy a nice dance floor

Lots of parking

Free refreshments weekly

The club presents a themed

dance night once a month

for a lively, party atmosphere!


For more information, contact:

Darlene - 604-358-2841 - E-MAIL

Enjoy a 2 minute 48 second video

featuring our caller-teacher/entertainer,
Tyler Wagner:







Town 'n' Country Dancers
Maple Ridge

This club's hall for new dancers

is undergoing renovation, so it won't

offer new dancer lessons at this time.

Monitor this space or call/e-mail

to inquire about upcoming

lesson opportunities.

When you do step onto the

square dance floor,

no previous dance skill is required

and there's no advance registration.

You just drop in and start having

loads of fun right way!

It's a fun, fitness-oriented

and highly social recreation.

The square dance is simply a

walking step to the beat of the music.

For a couple, it's fun, quality

"together time" outside the home.

Empty nesters will find it the

perfect activity to keep busy

and make new friends.

For those who are single

it's an opportunity to meet people.

Free refreshments.

Regular Wednesday lessons usually

continue after an introductory period.

A nominal fee will apply.

Carry in clean soft sole, low heel

and well-fitted shoes

in which to dance.


Ridge Meadows Seniors' Centre - Maple Ridge
Activity Centre
Ridge Meadows
Seniors Society,
12150  224th St., Maple Ridge
(not affiliated with the seniors' society)
Click here for a map

Give today's style of

square dancing a try.

You'll be surprised

how much fun you'll have!

Laugh more

Easy to learn - Keep fit

Make new friends - Reduce stress

Exercise your brain


Dressy casual attire. All ages invited.

Couples, families, singles welcome.

Most dances include "singles boards"

to pair up solos with a partner

on a rotating basis.

This club offers several "cycles"

to begin throughout the year

and the program of instruction

is condensed

to get you dancing sooner!

There's lots of extra fun in store for you

at this club because they're known

to hold special dances

such as a Halloween Party & pie night,

Western Dance & Chili Supper,

an annual catered Christmas dinner

& fun dance... and more!

John Corrigan
your fun c


Allan & Maureen - 604-466-3337


See the following dedicated page

for those interested in learning to

square dance at this club,

including a "FAQ" link

(frequently asked questions):

Click here for New Dancer Page

Club web site: Town 'n' Country Dancers

Click for club's FACEBOOK page





Three dance clubs serve
the Surrey region:
T.W. Twirlers
Click here
Surrey Square Wheelers
(actually dancing in Langley)
Click here
Wheeling 8's (handicapable)

Click here




Also available in Langley/Aldergrove
is instruction
in round dancing
(choreographed ballroom
done to live cues).

Click here



Dance Graphic - Couple Smiling & Standing in a Dance Pose

Surrey Square Wheelers
Square Dance Club

Discover today's style

of square dancing.

You'll have a great experience!

Come join in regular

Wednesday lessons,

7:30 to 9:30 pm, starting Oct. 3,

at the Brookswood Centre.

A nominal fee will apply.

Just drop in!


Brookswood Activity Centre - Langley
Brookswood Seniors' Centre,
19899 - 36th Ave., Langley
Click here for a map


Krista Baird
Your caller-teacher/
Click here
for Krista's profile


The Surrey Square Wheelers

is one of the largest and

friendliest square dance clubs

in the Fraser Valley.

Singles welcome.

Free refreshments at

all sessions. Free parking.

This club engages a learning

system wherein the newcomer

lessons alternate throughout

the evening with dancing

for those more accomplished,

having attained the

"Mainstream" program.

You'll have a chance to rest

before more instruction while

watching the more experienced

dancers to see how the

square dance comes together.


Members $5/session

Visitors $6/session


Surrey Square Wheelers Dancers - Courtesy Langley Times
Photo courtesy Langley Times

We thank the Langley Times

newspaper for press exposure in

last year's Fri. Sept. 22/17 edition

and online, including a video.

Depicted are the club's

advanced dancers enjoying

the Plus Program of square

dancing and choreographed

ballroom routines known

as "Round Dancing."

Click here to view


For more information, contact:

Roiane Evans, Club President
Maureen Wilson,

Vice-President & Registrar
Club web site:

Surrey Square Wheelers
Dance Club



Wheeling 8's
Square & Round Dance Club

Whether able-bodied or wheelchair-bound,

everyone's welcome to this fun group!

Your first visit is FREE to try it out!

Yes, you can square dance in a wheelchair

-- it's a little slower but loads of fun!

Also, walking dancers can be mixed

with dancers in chairs.


New dancer sessions for

absolute newcomers are

underway now but note

that newcomers are warmly

welcomed on Thursdays

6:30 to 9:00 pm

anytime through October 25.

The club started its season

on September 6/18.


There are many benefits to participating:

A wonderful social recreation
for handicapables
Welcomed are dancers in wheelchairs,
caregivers and able-bodied persons
A very enjoyable activity where you
listen to the calls and move around
to complete them successfully
(if not, everybody laughs and re-groups!)
An avenue toward better fitness
and the relief of stress & tension.

Dancing to music uplifts your spirit.
A fun caller-teacher who's also
an Elvis Tribute Artist
Lots of fun, social activities off
the dance floor, too, from parties
to special meals together

Doctors recommend dancing
as good therapy whether
your medical issue is
cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy,
multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury,
polio or most any others.
The club is always happy to hear from

handicapable persons who are interested

in learning today's style of square dancing

and round dancing (choreographed ballroom).


  Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre
13458 107A Avenue, Surrey
(an easy 5-10 min. roll from
the Gateway Skytrain Station)
Click here for a map


Tyler Wagner
& Elvis Tribute Artist



Darlene - 604-358-2841,
Tyler, caller-teacher - 604-817-9350

This club has been operating for
an amazing 45 years, having
started in September, 1973.

Click here for the club's web page

Click here for the club's Facebook page

In the following approx. 3 min. video,
learn more about our
caller-teacher, Tyler Wagner,
who's also an Elvis Tribute Artist,
Party Organizer & Entertainer




White Rockers

Square Dance Club

If you're accomplished in the

Mainstream square dance program,

come enjoy Sun. afternoon

dancing, convenient for

evening or shift workers.

If interested in learning, call or e-mail

to inquire about the next opportunity

for new dancer sessions.

They usually start in late September,

running noon to 1:30 pm.

The dance club enjoys two

wonderful caller/entertainers!

Casual attire

Singles Board in use

to keep all solos dancing


White Rock Lawn Bowling Club,

1079 Dolphin St., White Rock


Ann Melnychuk:

604-541-0188, E-MAIL

Bud & Bell: 778-298-8052

Click here for club's web page



Couple Standing in a Dance Pose 
Guys 'n Gals
Square & Round Dance Club


This "fun & easy" themed club

offers new square

dancer sessions throughout

the year and, at this time,

new round dancer instruction also.

Round dancing is

choreographed ballroom done

as couples to live cues.

Your first 3 square dance lessons

are FREE to try it out!

A $6 per lesson fee applies

to round dance instruction.

Select below for details:

Square Dancing

Round Dancing
at select times of year




Dance Graphic - Smiling couple standing in a dance pose

New Square Dancer Fun

at the Guys 'n' Gals dance club

in Aldergrove features

two caller-teacher/entertainers.

New square dancers meet

Sunday afternoons at 1:00.

Your first three new dancer

lessons are FREE to try it out!

(location shown below)

You can attend any Sunday

from February 3, 2019,

because newcomers are

welcome the year around.

New square dancer sessions

run continuously.

Many dancers find the day

and time very convenient.


The club meets every

Sunday through June

apart from holiday periods.


Great fun - easy to learn

friendly, caring people

Free parking - Refreshments weekly

Ages 12 and up are welcome

as well as singles.

It's a wonderful opportunity for a

couple to share "together time."

Attire is dressy casual

or square dance clothing.

Following your free introductory

lessons, a very economical

$6 per session fee applies

& if you continue the fun

at weekly sessions, there's an

annual $20 membership fee.

Call ahead to say:

"I'm joining the fun"

or just come!

This club is proud to feature

the one and only "Coach's Corner"

where personal attention

ensures great dancing!


Aldergrove O.A.P. Hall,

3015 - 273 Street, Aldergrove
(one block south of Fraser Highway)
Click here for a map link
Caller-teachers Wendy Krueger & Tyler Wagner
Your caller-teacher/entertainers
Wendy Krueger & Tyler Wagner


Wendy Krueger
778-878-4244, E-MAIL
Tyler Wagner
604-817-9350, E-MAIL

  Club web site: Guys 'n' Gals



Round Dancing Family - the Brendzys

New Round Dancer Fun

at the Guys 'n' Gals dance club

in Aldergrove is available now.

Sunday sessions get underway

in February, 2019.

They start at 4:30 pm sharp

and you're asked to please

communicate your plan to attend

in advance.

Round dancing is choreographed

ballroom dancing set to live cues.

Nobody has to lead in the round dance.

All the dancers move in unison

as couples, counter-clockwise

around the dance floor.

Please give instructor Wendy

Krueger a call to say

"I'm coming to join the fun

by learning to round dance!"

Phone: 778-878-4244.

The sessions run for 90-minutes.

Hardwood floors, air-conditioned

hall, coffee served

Note that round dance instruction

is progressive, so it is best

to attend all lessons.

Woman/woman partnering is

welcomed when male partners

are not available.

The sessions continue weekly.

Admission is $6/person/session

payable at the door.

Aldergrove O.A.P. Hall,

3015 - 273 Street, Aldergrove

(one block south of Fraser Hwy.)

Click here for a map


Caller & Cuer Wendy Krueger
Wendy Krueger
Round Dance Instructor

Contact the cuer-teacher/entertainer:

Wendy Krueger
778-878-4244, E-MAIL

Club web site: Guys 'n' Gals




Abbotsford Grand Squares
Square & Round Dance Club

Dance Graphic with smiling couple standing in dance pose

    Discover a fitness option

for the New Year that's very social

and loads of fun!

Try today's style of square dancing

at one or both of two

free introductory lessons

Monday January 14 or 21

at 7:00 pm.

The location will be the

Abbotsford Activity Assn. hall.

Also, whatever Monday you start,

that instruction plus the 2 that follow

will be absolutely free!

You'll find it a great experience!

New dancer sessions usually run

from 7:00 to 9:30 pm.   

New dancers receive

individual attention.

Singles always welcome.

Dressy casual attire.

Wear comfortable low heel,

soft-sole shoes that are

well fitted.

Free coffee time follows

each session.

Fun, fitness & friendship

await you!



Members: $6/session

Guests: $7/session

Teens: $4/session


This club has 90 members & is

celebrating its 38th year of operation.


Heather Reynolds - Caller-teacher/Entertainer
Heather Reynolds
ASAA hall - Abbotsford
Abbotsford Social Activity Assn. Hall,
33889 Essendene Ave.
Click here for a map


Carol  Swan-Laing, Pres. - 604-807-2281
Club web site:
Abbotsford Grand Squares
Club Facebook page:





Chilliwack Rhythm Reelers
Square & Round Dance Club


Get ready for fun, Chilliwack & area!
New square dancer sessions
start 7:00 pm
Thursday January 10, 2019,
with 3 free lessons.
Attend any or all: Jan. 10, 17 & 24
Come try today's style of square
dancing without obligation.
You'll have loads of fun, get some
exercise and make new friends.

For those who want to

continue the fun, regular Thursday

sessions at the same time and location

will follow starting January 31

for the nominal fee of only $5/lesson

or $2.50/lesson for youth.


Greendale Elementary - Chilliwack
Dance lesson location:
Greendale Elementary
Community School

6621 Sumas Prairie Road.
Click here for a map link

Singles, couples, teens

and families welcome!

Make new friends.

Square dancing puts fun,

fitness & friendship to music.

The club features free coffee, tea 

& snacks after each session.

Free parking.

Allow for 2 hours.

Mike & Rose-Lynn Rhode


Steve Armstrong, President
For the club's Facebook page









Greater Victoria has several fun
clubs! When they conduct
sessions for new dancers, many
offer free introductions.


Individual dance club start-ups:
In the fall of 2018, there are
several great opportunities to
to square dance in the
Victoria area
plus Saltspring Island:
Saanich: Royal Oak Hall, Sundays

Country Cousins
Saanich: Royal Oak Hall, Sat. Afternoons
Colwood: Community Hall, Saturdays
Frontier Twirlers
Saltspring Island: Upper Ganges Road
Salty Wheels
Two opportunities in the fall of 2018
to learn to round dance
(choreographed ballroom done to live cues)
Colwood: Colwood Hall, Wednesdays

Saanich: Royal Oak Hall, Tuesdays
Dance A Rounds

Dance Graphic & Couple Standing in a Dance Pose
Frontier Twirlers
Square & Round Dance Club

Colwood - adjacent Victoria

Try today's style of square dancing!

Discover the fun as you enjoy

two FREE introductory sessions

on Thursdays at 7:30 pm,

Sept. 20 & 27.

Weekly lessons will continue

from Thurs. Oct. 4.

Same location & times.

Try it with no obligation!

Just drop in or call to say

"I want to join the fun!"

Loads of fun for all ages
Lively music
Very social
Great exercise
Relieves stress & tension
Singles welcome
"Together time" for couples
No experience required
Casual attire.

Wear comfortable,

well-fitted, low heel shoes.

Should you want to

continue the fun, the fees

for weekly lessons

are very economical.

These sessions feature a

totally new program--

not the old-fashioned square

dancing that was taught in

schools for years

--it's better!

Free coffee & tea served.

Lots of free parking.


Colwood Hall, 2219 Sooke Road
Click here for a map


You'll love our
Garry Dodds
He has lots of training & experience
teaching square dancing.
His instruction is clear
and there's lots of review.



Gordon & Linda Ross,
New Dancer Convenors
250-642-7754 - E-MAIL
Bev & Mike,

778-440-0326, E-MAIL
or 250-477-3943
Garry Dodds, Instructor,
250-516-6525 - E-MAIL


See a newspaper article about us
from last year in printable PDF format
from the Wed. Sept. 13/17 edition
of the Goldstream News Gazette.
It appeared on page A3:
Click here for PDF copy
Club's general website:
Frontier Twirlers 




Dance Graphic - Couple standing in dance pose & smiling
Square & Round Dance Club

Royal Oak area (Saanich)

You're invited to discover

today's style of square dancing

for a great experience!

This fun club will present

two FREE introductory

Sunday lessons at 7:30 pm

September 16 & 23, 2018.

No obligation.

Just drop in for loads of fun!

Logo-Fun in a Square

Many benefits:

Active living
Relief from stress & tension
Very social

Great, lively music
All ages welcome
Friendly to singles

"Together time" for couples
Clear & patient instruction
Lots of review
Casual attire. Wear well-fitted,
low heel shoes.
Royal Oak Hall - Saanich
Royal Oak Hall,
4516 West Saanich Road
Click here for a map



Sandra Rowan - 250-658-4203, E-MAIL


Anne McCarthy - E-MAIL



Click here for the club's
promotional page

Click here for the club's web site
Click here for the club's
Twitter page

Click here for 2018 New Dancer
Lesson Poster as a Printable PDF



  Dance Graphic with Smiling Couple Standing in Dance Pose
The Promenaders
Square & Round
Dance Club


Get ready for some fun & laughter!

This enthusiastic group presents

an opportunity to try today's style

of square dancing

from 1:00 to 3:00 pm

on Saturday January 12, 2019.

(starts at 1:00 pm sharp)

Come discover the fun!

Following an earlier free tryout

session on January 5, this will be

the start of a regular series of

16 weekly lessons

on Saturdays at 1:00 pm.

A registration fee will apply

but that will be pro-rated if you

simply want to try the dancing

on January 12.

Telephone the instructor at the

number shown below for exact fees.

This is an accelerated program,

so additional newcomers can only

be admitted up to January 19.

The lessons will proceed weekly

through April 27.

Come enjoy a wonderful

recreation! - allow for 2 hours.

No previous dance experience needed.

No advance registration--just come!


Royal Oak Hall in Saanich
Royal Oak Women's Institute Hall
4516 West Saanich Road, Victoria
Click for a map link
You'll have a great experience

discovering today's style

of square dancing!

It's loads of fun and open to

singles, couples & families

(children 10 & up).

There are no fancy steps

in square dancing--you simply

walk to the rhythm of the music.

The square dance is ideal for

singles to socialize and for

couples to have fun, quality

"together time" in a recreation

away from home.

Please carry in soft-sole, low heel,

well-fitted shoes in which to dance.


Elizabeth Hohner - Caller&Cuer - Victoria
Elizabeth Hohner
Your caller-teacher/entertainer

Contact for more information:


1-250-327-4735 (must dial "1" first)


Click here for the Club's
New Dancer Web Page


   Sidney Square Dance Club

This group has unfortunately

cancelled their plan

to operate a series of

square dance lessons

at the

Greenglade Community Centre.

To inquire about the next

opportunity, use the contacts

shown below.


Greenglade Community Centre,

2151 Lannon Way, Sidney.

Pre-registration for this dance

instruction is processed

through the

Panorama Rec. Centre:


For more information:



John Myers







 Round Dancing Couples in Penticton, BC
Round Dance Club
Colwood Hall

Here's the answer

when dancers find it

challenging to lead their partner

in ballroom dancing!

Lessons in Round Dancing

have come to the West Shore

area Wednesdays at 8 pm.

Since the sessions are underway,

please contact the instructor,

using the information below,

to inquire about joining in.

It's choreographed ballroom steps

done to live cues from a "cuer."

Couples progress counter-clockwise

around the dance hall in

one or two large circles.

It's very enjoyable and great fun!

Move to some really

wonderful recorded music.

No previous dance experience

is required!

You'll learn ballroom style steps

that are choreograped

to specific tunes. You master those

steps, then on the dance floor you

just listen for them to be cued.

You'll start by learning the

two-step and the waltz.

Many other rhythms will follow,

at later lessons including

samba, cha cha, rumba, jive

and perhaps even the bolero!

Everyone learns at the same time

and the instructor is clear and

patient in the teaching.

There's lots of review to help you.

Partners are required, please.

Round dancing is ideal "together time"

for couples to share equally.

Woman/woman partnering is

acceptable in this dance form.

The attire is dressy casual and

clean non-rubber, soft sole and low

heel shoes that fit well are required.

When lessons are open,

they usually start at 8 pm sharp

and no pre-registration is required.

You just drop in to start.

  Colwood Community Hall, Greater Victoria
Colwood Community Hall
2219 Sooke Road
Click here for a map

Connie Ritchie, Cuer-teacher

See a web page explaining
round dancing, including a video,
at the following link:
You 2 Can Round Dance!



Brendzy Family Round Dancing

Round dance Club

Learn to round dance

(choreographed ballroom)

starting with the basics 

of waltz & two-step

and build your confidence.

This fun group welcomes you

to 8 pm Tuesday lessons

on October 2, 2018.

(An earlier class took place

Tues. Sept. 25)

Weekly sessions will be

available if you want to

continue the fun!

Please pre-register for

these sessions:

simply phone or e-mail and say

"I want to join the fun and

learn to round dance!"

(contacts shown below)

Many more people can enjoy this

dance form because the steps

are cued live to the music

and nobody has to "lead."

As couples, the dancers progress

in unison counter-clockwise

around the dance floor

in a large circle.

You just listen for each cue

in order to know what

direction to travel.

Wear comfortable, low-heel

and well-fitted shoes.

No previous experience

is necessary.

See the video link below.


Royal Oak Hall, Saanich
Royal Oak Hall,
4516 W. Saanich Road, Saanich
Click here for a map

Please pre-register by contacting:

Stu & Sandra Hemmings
250-656-3639, E-MAIL
Learn more about round dancing
on the following web page
(to see a video, click on option 2 of 3
then click under "Watch Video:")
You 2 Can Dance: Round Dance




Smiling Group of Square Dancers in a Huddle
Salty Wheels
Square & Round Dance Club

Salt Spring Island

Make your Thursday nights

something special

with a great experience!

Come try modern square dancing.

Your first TWO lessons will be

free to discover the fun.

We think you'll love it!

We're presenting today's style

of dance fun, steeped

in the rich cultural heritage

of the enduring and respected

square dance activity.

This dance club complements

the essence of Salt Spring Island.

In such a place known for

world class art and a lively

music & performing arts scene

plus strong community spirit,

it's appropriate that the highly social

and interactive square dance be

available to bring Islanders together.

New dancers are welcome

all year round but come join

in at your earliest opportunity

Thursday at 7:30 pm.


Please call ahead by 5 pm

Thursday to notify us

of your participation.

Again, your first two lessons

will be free of charge after

which a nominal fee applies.

All ages are welcome;

couples, singles,

accompanied pre-teens

and teens.

The square dance can be ideal

"together time" for a couple

with busy family commitments

or those who've found themselves

empty-nesters with time on their hands.

It's an ideal social recreation

for home-schoolers.

Apart from being loads of fun,

this form of dance is an avenue

toward better fitness and

a great way to meet fellow Islanders.


We dance at a cozy, private home,

734 Upper Ganges Road, Ganges.

Click here for a map

Click here for image of access road
to 734 Upper Ganges

For more details, contact:


Marilynne & Alan Cunningham,

250-537-5356 - E-MAIL

Once again, please call ahead

by 5 pm Thursday

if you plan to attend.

Learn more about today's style

of square dancing as well as

round dancing (choreographed

ballroom to live cues)

at the start of this page:

Click: Top of Page










Graphic&Photo-Couple in a Dance Pose

Amalgam-Eighters, Nanaimo
Square & round dance club

Travelling Squares, Nanaimo
Square & round dance club
In co-operative fashion,
these two clubs invite newcomers
to weekly square dance sessions
at 7:00 pm Wednesdays
starting with TWO FREE LESSONS
January 9 & 16, 2019
at the Anglican Church
Hall in Lantzville.
Come try it with no obligation!
Attend one or both free sessions.
Newcomers are welcome
through to Wed. Jan. 23.
An economical registration
fee will apply.

Discover the great experience

that is today's style of

square dancing!

It's very social for singles

and precious "together time"

outside the home for couples.

Most importantly,

you'll have loads of fun!

Dressy-casual attire,

wear comfortable flat shoes

with good support.

Just drop in or

call/e-mail ahead to say

"I want to join the fun!"

You can register at the door

after the free sessions.

Allow for 90 minutes of instruction

by caller-teacher/entertainer

Ray Schmidt.

Featuring the fun, condensed

West Coast Square Dance Program

that gets you dancing sooner!

These weekly sessions of fun are

sponsored by the combined efforts

of the Amalgam-Eighters

and the Travelling Squares

dance clubs.

Come have a great time!


Deb & Ray Schmidt, Caller-couple  Wendie Harrington - Caller
Club Caller-teacher/entertainers:
Ray (& Deb) Schmidt & Wendie Harrington

St. Philip By-the-Sea
Anglican Church Hall

7113 Lantzville Road,
Click here for a map


Amalgam-Eighters club

Diane & Murray Thomas,
250-390-1899, E-MAIL
Ken McCallum
Click here for the Club's
New Dancer Web Page

  Travelling Squares club

Wendie Harrington, Publicity
250-758-7264, E-MAIL


Qualicum Beach,
Nanoose Bay

 This region presents both
square dance
round dance


Sand Dollars
Square & round dance club
To all residents
in the Oceanside area:
If you missed the free
opportunity to try today's
style of square dancing
on Sun. Sept. 23 at 7:00,
contact the club below
to inquire about the next
opportunity to join in!

Today's style of square dancing.

is a great experience!

Yes, Oceanside has its own

modern square dance club

and we're all about fun!


We're presenting the

West Coast Square Dance Program.

It's a fun, condensed period of

instruction that gets you

dancing sooner. In a short time

you'll be able to go dance with

other newcomers up and down

the Island at special dances

hosted just for you!


There are so many benefits:

Active living for the mind & body

Highly social - make new friends

Wide variety of very enjoyable music

While welcoming to singles, this is
an ideal recreation for couples
to share in equally
It's easy - square dancing is
simply a walking step
- no fancy footwork

Economical activity

Many opportunities for travel

All ages from 12 & up welcome


Weekly lessons on Sundays at 7 pm

will continue the fun. We anticipate

that you'll love the dancing!

A very economical admission fee

will apply.


Bradley Centre in Cooms, near Parksville

Bradley Centre in Coombs,
975 Shearme Road
(corner of Alberni Hwy.
& Shearme Road)

Click here for a map


Caller-teacher couple: Ray & Deb Schmidt
Featuring our fabulous
caller-teacher/entertainer couple:
Ray & Deb Schmidt

Comfortable, dressy-casual attire

and soft sole, low heel, well-fitted

footwear is encouraged.

Come have a great experience

on the dance floor!
For a photo of the centre
showing it's roadside location,
courtesy of Google maps:


Lynette & Ron - 250-954-2132

     Ray & Deb - 250-248-4900



Couple in a dance pose
"Let's Dance V.I."
Round Dance Club
(Oceanside region)

Sorry - the class is full!

This fun round dance club

is launching lessons at the

Bradley Centre in Coombs in the

Cha Cha, Rumba and Mambo

at 1:30 pm Mon. Nov. 5.

The two hour sessions have attracted

a full complement of dancers

for the size of the hall, causing

registrations to now be closed.

Look for future round dance lessons

at the Let's Dance club or call

the contacts below to inquire

about the next opportunity. 

Note that all interested persons

must contact the instructors because

space is limited. Also, they'll explain the

nature of round dancing further to be sure

that it fits your needs in a dance activity.

Call 250-871-2466


Let's Dance

is a round dance club,

enjoying a different

kind of ballroom dancing

that's done to live cues.

Since you follow the directions

of a person known as a "cuer,"

nobody has to lead their partner.

It's popular with men who

find it a challenge to lead.

In round dancing, each couple

moves in unison with others

counter-clockwise in a large circle.

Everyone does the same step

except the lady usually does the

opposite steps to the man's.

Lots of great music!

Please bring a partner if

possible but singles are welcome.

Open to same-sex partners.

These weekday afternoon

sessions are ideal for night

workers, shift workers or retirees.

Instructors Margaret & John are

highly appreciated by participating

dancers for their one-on-one teaching

technique, ensuring all are

successful on the dance floor.


Important Note:

Again, if you plan to attend

the instruction, it is essential that

you first make your intention

known to the instructors

through a phone call or e-mail.

This is necessary in consideration

of space limitations at the dance

hall & possible weather-related

adjustments to the schedule.

(see the contacts below)


It's also highly advisable

that you phone or e-mail the

instructors to learn more about

how round dancing, involving

live dance cues, might

suit your interest in dance.



Bradley Centre in Coombs,
975 Shearme Road
(corner of Alberni Hwy.
& Shearme Rd.)

Click here for a map


For an image of the Bradley Centre
building & location,
courtesy of Google maps:

Click here

(both courtesy of Google maps)

For more information,
Margaret & John Race,
Round dance cuer-teachers/

250-871-2466, E-MAIL


Learn more about round

dancing at the following link:

You2CanDance: Round Dance!






Dance Graphic with Smiling Couple Standing

Ocean Waves
square & round dance club

New square dancer lessons

at this fun club are underway.

Their Monday night sessions

began with free

introductory lessons on

Sept. 10 & 17 then a series

of regular lessons started

September 24

for a nominal fee.

The dancers are loving it!

The location is the Anglican Church

hall on 5th Street in Courtenay.

   Use the contacts shown below

to inquire about the next

opportunity to join the fun!

You'll really enjoy learning

today's style of square dancing!

The instruction features the

condensed, 10-week West Coast

Square Dance Program

to get you dancing sooner!

Have fun - Laugh - Make friends

Exercise - Reduce Stress

Improve memory skills

Dance to great music!

Casual attire

Couples, singles

& all ages welcome.

No previous dance experience

is necessary.


St. John the Devine Anglican Church Hall, Courtenay
St. John the Divine
Anglican Church Hall,
 579 - 5th Street, Courtenay
(at 5th & Harmston)

Click here for a map



Fran & Roger Archambault


Norma Kellinghusen, Promotion
250-338-4322 - E-MAIL
Keith & Christine Kent
Fran Archambault, Instructor

250-335-0096, E-MAIL
Club web site:
Ocean Waves--Comox Valley
(Look for drop-box under the
"New Dancers Info" tab,
click on: "What Is the Attraction?")




   Dance Graphic with Smiling Couple Standing
Ripple Rockets
square & round dance club

This northern Vancouver Island club

is offering two FREE 

introductory sessions to try

today's style of square dancing

without obligation!

7 to 9 pm Mondays,

September 10 & 17, 2018.

Attend one or both in order to qualify

for the regular lessons starting

at 7 pm Monday Sept. 24

for a nominal registration fee

of $60/person.

2 hour sessions will continue

until Dec. 10, 2018.


Featuring the West Coast

Square Dance Program,

a condensed period of

instruction that gets you

dancing sooner!



Singles & couples welcome

Loads of fun & lots of laughs!

Make new friends - exercise

Reduce stress - improve memory

Casual attire - free parking


Eagles Hall, 1999 - 14th Ave.,
Campbell River
Click here for a map
Jake & Diana Ring - Caller-couple - Campbell River
Jake & Diana Ring
Our dedicated

For more information, contact:

Joan Sell
250-287-3959 - E-MAIL
Chris & Terry Trehearne
250-923-9492 - E-MAIL

Click here for the
Ripple Rockets' web page




 Huddle of Smiling Square Dancers

Star Dusters
Square & Round Dance Club

Come have a blast

on the square dance floor!

This energetic dance group

starts a series of weekly lessons

Tuesday January 15, 2019, at 7 pm.

Register and pay at the door.

Should you prefer just to sample the

dancing, a $5 fee will apply that will be

deducted from registration for the

lesson series if you decide to continue.

Discover the fun, fitness and friendship

in today's style of square dancing.

The instruction features a

flexible learning system in the

West Coast Square Dance Program,

a fun, fast-paced lesson series

that's guaranteed to have you

dancing up a storm in about

10 sessions.

Come have loads of fun

for a nominal registration fee

starting with the regular lessons.

See online information & registration

at the following link, including a

full fee schedule:


Everyone is welcome:

couples, singles, groups, families.

Casual attire at all events.


If you plan to travel from time to time,

we offer the convenient, duel entry

"Flexible Learning Plan."

The normal 10-lesson program

is available in Parts A, B & C.

Take Part A in either October

or January, then take Parts B & C

in any order over 3 opportunities

during the dance season!

For details, see the following link:

Flexible Learning Program

There's usually

a fun Windup Dinner

and Dance Party in May.

Gord Ruedig - Caller - Star Dusters, Powell River
Gord Ruedig, your fun
5399 Timberlane Avenue
(recently renovated and
across from Timberlane Track)
Click here for a map


Gord & Yvette Ruedig,
604-487-9565, E-MAIL
Penny Gelber, 604-485-4829
Click below for the
web site of the
"West Coast
Square Dance Program"
in Powell River:








 Three clubs in Vernon offer instruction
in three different dance forms.
Scroll down to view
or click below to jump to your selection.
Also note square dance lessons
in Enderby:
Learn to Square Dance in Vernon
Learn to Round Dance in Vernon
Choreographed ballroom
done to live cues
Learn Clog Dancing in Vernon
Contemporary, precision

Learn to Square Dance in Enderby



Dance Grapic & Smiling Couple Standing in a Dance Pose
Star Country Squares
Square & Round Dance Club


You are cordially invited to

come enjoy a free introduction

to this great activity

at an Open House

Thurs. Sept. 13, 2018!

No obligation. Just drop in.

The session starts at 7:00 pm

& continues until 9:00 pm.


Halina Centre,

3310 37th Ave., Vernon

Click for a map


Free refreshments.

We anticipate that you'll want

to continue the fun as

regular weekly sessions

take place on Thursdays

starting at 6:30

in the Halina Centre.

You'll have a

great experience!

Modern square dancing

is loads of fun and a

great social recreation.

It's an avenue toward

better physical fitness.

For couples and their

families it's ideal

"together time."

Singles welcome

No partner required

Just bring a smile!

Dressy-casual attire.

Wear comfortable shoes

with good support.

Great hardwood dance floor.

Children must be accompanied

by a parent or guardian.

Newcomers are often welcome

to join-in over the period of the

first few lessons.

Call or e-mail to inquire.

Allan Peterson--Square Dance Caller-Teacher
Allan Peterson


Darlene Poetker, New Dancer Co-ord.
778-475-1889 - E-MAIL
Club web page listing
for new dancers, called "Starlettes:"
New Dancer Listing
Club web site:
Star Country Squares
 Club Facebook page:
Star Country on Facebook



Brendzy Family Round Dancing
Rhythm Rounds

round dance club
Learn choreographed

ballroom dancing

to live cues starting

Sunday Jan. 20, 2019,

1:00 pm

at Vernon's Halina Centre.

You'll start by learning

the two-step rhythm.

Allow 90 minutes

Just drop in!

The sessions run every Sunday

No experience necessary

Come have fun!

Admission is $10 per session

but enjoy a special discount

to a lower $7 fee

when you take out a

full or associate membership

in the Halina Seniors Society.


Halina Centre, Vernon

3310 - 37th Avenue

Click for a map


Round dancing is

choreographed ballroom

done to live cues heard

over the p.a. system.

Men feel more confident

with this dance form

because they don't have to

lead their partner.

All dancers first learn the steps

which are then

cued over a microphone to

the rhythm of popular tunes.

All the dancers progress

counter-clockwise in unison

around the dance floor.

Everyone welcome,

including square dancers

or absolute newcomers

to round dancing!

It's a dance form done as couples,

so try to bring a partner.

Casual attire - soft-soled,

comfortable shoes suggested.

Free weekly coffee,

tea and refreshments.

Fun & easy to learn!

The caring, considerate instructors

start by using an advanced teaching

method in which you'll learn quickly

while having fun!

Peter & Stella Tennant - Round Dance Cuers - Vernon
Stella & Peter Tennant

Cuers and teachers for 21 years.


Peter & Stella, 250-542-3568,

Cell: 250-306-4999, E-MAIL

See our promotional web page:



Line of Clogging Feet
Got 2 B Cloggin
Clog Dance Club, Vernon

This fun group is presenting

clog dance lessons for newcomers

starting 6 pm, Mon. Sept. 17, 2018

at the Halina Centre in Vernon,

3310 37th Avenue.

If you miss that date, newcomers

are welcomed for a period of time

on subsequent Monday nights.

You'll learn contemporary,

precision-style clogging and

it will be a great experience!


Just drop in or call ahead to say

"I want to join the fun!"

Couples, singles and families

of all ages are welcome!

Come have loads of fun in a 

very social atmosphere!

Wear comfortable attire and

comfortable shoes with

smooth, hard soles and a

supportive back.

Rubber or crepe soles are

not recommended.


Lynda Colautti - Clog Dance Instructor
Lynda Colautti of Kelowna
Certified Clogging Instructor (CCI)

Got 2 B Cloggin


This clog dance club will

continue regular weekly

dance sessions in Vernon,

West Kelowna and Peachland.

Call or e-mail with any inquiries.


Lynda Colautti, CCI,
250-718-3088, E-MAIL
Click here for club web page




Laura Peterson - Club supporter with welcome sign
Enthusiasm Abounds for
Today's Style
of Square Dancing in the
Enderby River Dancers dance club!
Pictured is club supporter, Laura Peterson.
Enderby River Dancers

Square & Round Dance Club

This fun dance club is, regrettably,

not presenting lessons this fall in

today's style of square dancing.

Use the contacts below to

inquire about the next opportunity.

The group will continue dancing

a regular program of Mainstream

square dancing with round dancing

every Friday night at the

Enderby Seniors Centre

1101 George Street

(Highway 97A)

Click here for a map

When lessons resume,

come have a look at a

great social recreation

that's an avenue toward

better fitness, an opportunity

to make new friends

and just loads of fun!

You just come as you are in

something casual but dressy.

Coffee's always on.

You'll find that your instructor,

Allan, will have you dancing

up a storm in no time!

He always has a wonderful

variety of music to enjoy.

When lessons are available,

expect 2 hours of fun!

Allan Peterson - Caller-Teacher-Entertainer
          Allan Peterson


Grace Byrne, 250-549-4318 - E-MAIL
Liz Ellis, 250-832-4233 -
Click here for the
club's web site





  NOTE: Adult, Youth, and 2 Clog

 dance clubs in this region

Couple in a dance pose
Westsyde Squares
Central Okanagan Valley

This club did not conduct new

square dancer sessions

in the fall of 2018.

Another start-up is anticipated,

possibly in the New Year of 2019.

The pattern for square dance

lessons in the past has included a

90 minute session on Wednesdays,

starting at 6 p.m.

There's usually an opportunity

to try the dancing at no charge.

The fun continues weekly for

a nominal registration fee.


Today's style of square dancing
has many benefits:
It's active living, involving
exercise for the body & brain.
It's a very social recreation.
Make new friends - casual attire

Singles, couples & families welcome
Ideal for couples seeking
"together time" in which they
can equally share an interest
Fees are economical
compared to many other activities


Featuring the fun, condensed

West Coast Square Dance Program!

Instructing is the talented,

young Dustin McGifford as the



When lessons are available,

the 6 p.m. start time is convenient

for those who start work early

the next day. The sessions are

90 minutes, extending later

to 2 hours when the newcomers

mix on the dance floor with the

accomplished dancers..


This long-running dance group,

established 1957, is known

as the "fun club"

in the Central Okanagan.


Caller-Teacher Dustin McGifford
the singing caller-teacher
Dustin McGifford
 Westbank United Church - Exterior
Westbank United Church Hall
3672 Brown Road, West Kelowna
Click here for a map

See the club's online promotional page:



New Dancer Hosts:
Bev & Bill Holland, 
250-707-0750, E-MAIL
Linda & Terry Green,

250-494-1406, E-MAIL


Click here for
the Club's Website


Click here for the Club's
Facebook page




West Kelowna


This fun youth group is on hiatus

at this point in time.


an active in-class

elementary school instruction

program is underway!

That has introduced

school children to

today's style of square dancing,

primarily at

Central Okanagan schools.

Book your school at



Upon resumption,

the concept of a weekly youth group

in the Central Okanagan is

intended for children aged 8 & up.

Special effects lights & up tempo

pop music to which they relate

are featured.

Kids learn true teamwork,

cooperation, coordination,

and how to move to music.

We like to call it

"Team Dancing."

No experience is necessary.

When sessions are offered,

the progressive nature of the 

instruction doesn't allow for drop-ins.

For a 2-page printable brochure

in which kids tell what attracts them

to today's style of square dancing



In the Pacific Northwest, kids are

very involved in square dancing!

Look in on a flash mob

that a group of youth clubs

undertook a few years ago

in Seattle, Washington



See a youth group in Washington

advance from rehearsal to competition

at the annual Pacific Northwest

Teen Square Dance Festival



Enjoy selecting from various

YouTube videos to experience

the 2017 Teen Festival



For more information, contact:

Brian Elmer,

youth square dance instructor

West Kelowna

250-768-2694, E-MAIL







Kelowna/West Kelowna

West Kelowna/Peachland/Vernon




Kelowna/West Kelowna


Demonstration of Cloggin - Westbank United Church Hall

This lively group is presenting

a choice of locations

on three different dates

to try clog dancing


Just drop in!

Modern, precision-style clogging

is done to many types of music

and enjoys widespread

popularity around the world.

It's a lively, rhythmic

dance that's great exercise

and so much fun!

Especially attractive to singles

because you don't need a partner.

Select your two free

"Learn to Clog" sessions

over two weeks at one of the

following locations starting from

these dates & times:


(weekly sessions will
proceed from these dates
at each location)

Wed. Sept. 5, 6 pm
at the Irish Dance Studio
1920 Kent Road, Kelowna
Click here for a map
Fri. Sept. 7, 11 am
at the Irish Dance Studio
1920 Kent Road, Kelowna
Click here for a map
Mon. Sept. 10, 6 pm
at the West Kelowna Seniors Centre
3661 Old Okanagan Highway
Click here for a map

 Your first two visits

will be free

then weekly sessions

will continue by

registration at very

economical rates.

No pre-registration necessary.

Just drop in!

Introductory sessions

are low impact but

you can expand on that later

to be as energetic as you want!

Once you've mastered the basic

steps & rhythms, you can add

stainless steel taps to your shoes

to accent the percussive beat.

Enjoy a video shown below!

Barb Bizovie - Okanagan Cloggin Instructor
Barb Bizovie, Okanagan Cloggin'
Certified Clogging Instructor



Barb Bizovie,

Certified Clogging Instructor

250-768-8557, E-MAIL

  Club Web Page:


The following video shows
contemporary clogging
in a traditional line
at exhibition level.
Rhythm & Motion Cloggers
(2 minutes, 22 seconds)





West Kelowna/Peachland/
& now Vernon


Announcing lessons

for new cloggers in Vernon!

Monday's at 6:00 pm,

starting Sept. 17, 2018,

come learn the basic steps

in contemporary, precision

clog dancing.  

Clogging is loads of fun!

It's a percussive, high energy dance

performed to live cues and set

to a wide variety of music.

The dancers wear stainless steel

double (or jingle) taps on their shoes.

Sessions generally run weekly

for 10 to 12 days in total.

An economical fee applies. 

All ages welcome from age 8 up.

Attire involves only comfortable

clothing & footwear but your

shoes must have backs

--no slides, crocs, etc..

Dancers bring water

to stay well hydrated.

Certified instructor:

Lynda Colautti, Kelowna

Lessons in Vernon

will take place at the

Halina Activity Centre,

3310 37th Avenue

 Other dance locations

for accomplished cloggers:

Westside Seniors Centre,
West Kelowna

Peachland Activity Centre 


Lynda Colautti, Kelowna
250-718-3088 (mobile), E-MAIL

Enjoy our

promotional web page:



Group of Smiling Dancers in a Huddle
Square dance &
Round dance
clubs in this region



This Peach City dance club

welcomes you to come

take your first steps into the

wonderful world of square dancing

as a 10-week series of lessons

gets underway at the

Penticton Drop-In Centre

Tuesday Ocober 9, 2018,

6:00 to 7:30 pm.

Improve your fitness skills, balance

& co-ordination. Reduce stress and

make new friends while having

loads of fun!

Discover a great experience!

You're sure to love it as you

dance your way to better health

over 10 weeks.


is an economical $8/person

or only  $4/person for those

aged 18 years and under.

Bring the kids and make it an

enjoyable, weekly family outing!

Ralph Halsall - Penticton Caller
Ralph Halsall
Your fun, caller-teacher/


Drop-in Centre, Penticton
2965 South Main Street
Free parking.
Click here for a map


Penny - 250-497-5838, E-MAIL

Click here for a PDF lesson poster

Club web site:
Penticton Squares
Square & Round Dance Club





Round Dance Club

 Learn choreographed ballroom

dancing, known as "round dancing."

It's different & easier than ballroom

because you learn the steps

then the routines are cued live.

You just listen & move! Nobody "leads."

The next opportunity to join in is

3 pm, Sun. Oct. 14, 2018, at

the Drop-in Centre on South Main.

Allow for 90 minutes of fun!

If you miss that date, there

are two additional opportunities

on Oct. 21 and 28.

You'll be warmly welcomed!

If you like, call or email ahead

to say "I want to join the fun!"

(see the contacts below)

As you learn to round dance,

you'll be introduced to

rhythms such as two-step & waltz

and to the method of dancing

choreographed routines to live cues.

The man doesn't have to lead

because the steps are "cued" live

for everyone. No previous dance

experience is necessary

Singles are welcome.

Partnered ladies works well.

Casual attire to start.

Regular weekly Sunday sessions for

newcomers will continue the fun from

3:00 to 4:30 pm at the Drop-in Centre.

      Enjoy the dancing through December.


We again thank the Penticton Western

News for a great article published

last year on Sept. 22, 2017,

shown on page A15.

Click here to view online


Regine Anderson

Your fun, cuer-teacher/entertainer
Penticton Drop-in Centre - Exterior

Penticton Seniors' Drop-in Centre
2965 South Main Street
Click here for a map
Regine Anderson, Instructor:
250-493-4248, E-MAIL

Click for the club web page

Learn more about round

dancing, including a video,
thanks to "You 2 Can Dance:"
(in the picture window on the left,
select #2 of 3
then click beneath "Watch Video")

Round Dance Video







In Kamloopsone club is
offering opportunities
to learn to
square dance
round dance


 Dance Graphic with Smiling Couple Standing in a Dance Pose

Lessons in

today's style of square dancing

got underway 7 pm Thursday

September 20, 2018.

A series of 12 weekly lessons

are proceeding.

Call or e-mail to inquire about

the next opportunity to join in.

An economical registration fee

applies to the regular sessions,

although the first lesson is

generally free to try the dancing.

Today's style of square dancing

involves no fancy footwork,

so no experience is needed.

We'll teach you the basics.

Fun & easy!

Singles or couples welcome.

Dance to modern popular music

and country music too! 


Desert Gardens Community Centre

540 Seymour Street, Kamloops

Click here for a map


Featuring the

West Coast Square Dance Program.

A fun, condensed instruction period

that gets you dancing sooner.

Air conditioned hall.

Free parking (lots of space in rear)

Ice-water supplied.

Your  caller-teacher will be

the fun & friendly Jim Flack.


Jim Flack - Square Dance Caller-Teacher
Jim Flack


Jim Flack - 250-372-1462 - E-MAIL

Merv & Sandy
250-376-5636 - E-MAIL
Cell: 250-320-5858
Promotional Facebook Page:
TV Stars 2018
Club web page:
Thompson Valley Stars
 Club Facebook page:
Thompson Valley Stars on Facebook



Round Dancers on the floor



Tuesday lessons in round dancing

 got underway 7 pm Sept. 18, 2018,

and are now continuing.

Call or e-mail to inquire about

the next opportunity to join in.

The two hour lessons teach

choreographed ballroom dancing,

done to live cues, known

as round dancing.

A nominal fee applies.

You begin by

concentrating upon the basic

two-step and waltz; the man

doesn't have to lead because

the steps are "cued" for everyone.

No previous

dance experience necessary.

Casual attire.

Low heel, soft sole shoes

with a firm fit are



Meyer Studio, Kamloops
1915 Westsyde Road

Click here for a map



Merv & Sandy
250-376-5636 - E-MAIL
       Club web page:
Thompson Valley Stars
Club Facebook page:
Thompson Valley Stars
on Facebook






Couple Standing in a Dance Pose
Ta' Lana Twirlers
Square & Round Dance Club

This very social dance club is excited

this fall to welcome newcomers to

today's style of square dancing

with 2 FREE lessons

in the Blind Bay Memorial Hall.

Just drop in for 6:30 pm

Monday Oct. 15 or 22, 2018.

Attend one or both nights to try

this ideal social recreation!

There's no advance registration,

just come for the start and bring

a friend or relative if you can.

You'll be in for

a great experience & loads of fun!

You'll probably want to continue the

fun when regular weekly lessons

begin Mon. Oct. 29 at 6:30

in the same hall.

A nominal registration fee will apply

Another exciting thing

about the lessons:

Not one but two different

callers will alternate between

the Monday dances for extra fun!

Today's square dancing is different

from the traditional style.

Now you learn the individual calls,

not memorized routines,

then just listen to the caller

in order to know what direction to

travel. You can't anticipate, making

it so enjoyable and full of laughs!

There are many benefits, including

the exercise you get when moving

to music while probably not

noticing the fitness component.

You'll make many new friends, some of

them to cherish for years to come.

Travel opportunities abound because

the calls you learn are

standardized internationally.

Furthermore, a large provincial dance

festival is coming to Salmon Arm

next year, July 11-13, and you

absolutely have to be a part of it!


Callers Allan Peterson & Merv Meyer
Featuring two caller-teachers!
Allan Peterson (left) & Merv Meyer

Blind Bay Memorial Hall
Blind Bay Memorial Hall
2510 Blind Bay Road,
Blind Bay
(click here for a map link)
George & Nancy Alison
250-803-9096 - E-MAIL
Click here for the club web page





Dance Graphic with Couple Standing & Smiling

Square & Round Dance Club

Newcomers began discovering

a great experience in Sept. 2018

as they started lessons in

today's style of square dancing!

7:30 p.m. Wednesday sessions

are now underway.

Call or e-mail to inquire about

the next opportunity to join in.


  Allan Peterson - Square Dance Caller Don Krebs - Caller - Portrait with Microphone
Featuring two fabulous caller-teachers:
Allan Peterson & Don Krebs

       The Shuswap region is actively

enjoying this ideal social recreation.

Be sure to take advantage of future

dates to learn to square dance!


For fun, fitness & friendship,

learn modern square dancing!

Have a good time dancing to

some great music!

Casual attire,

no dance experience required.

Singles, couples,

teens & families welcome!


Fifth Avenue Seniors Activity Centre
170 5th Avenue S.E., Salmon Arm
Click here for a map


More Information:

Marg Fricker - 250-832-6915, E-MAIL

Dennis Benson - 250-804-4410, E-MAIL

Club website: Salmon Arm Squares


Note that the following web page lists all

clubs in the region with contacts: 

Square & Round Dance Assn










Rec. Centre - 1101 McKellar, Dawson Creek
New location: 1101 McKellar Ave.
Mile Zero Grand Squares

square & round dance club

Get going, Dawson Creek!

The fun's underway Thursdays!

Discover a great experience

when you learn

today's style of square dancing.

Your first lesson is FREE.

Weekly sessions started 7 pm

Thurs. Sept. 27, 2018,

but you'll also be warmly

welcomed as a newcomer

over subsequent weeks.

Try this very social dance form

that's also an avenue toward

better fitness & loads of FUN!

Everyone's welcome:

Adults, couples, singles,

children aged 8 years and up.

This is an ideal social recreation

for Home-schoolers!

Casual attire.

No previous dance experience

is necessary.


Note the new location:

Seniors Recreation Centre,
1101 McKellar, Dawson Creek
(click here for a map link)

 & round dance cuer:

Bernie Smith

Bernie & Jean Smith,
250-782-3410, E-MAIL
Cell: 250-784-4610


See the following links that reveal

the fun to be had weekly!

Although the dancing’s now moved
to Thursday nights at 7 in the new
location at the Recreation Centre on
McKellar Ave., in some past newspaper
articles you can learn more
about this fun dance club,
the Mile Zero Grand Squares:
On Oct. 17, 2012, the Alaska Highway
 News published the article “It’s hip
to dance square.” The article opens
with a photo showing the wide age
range of participants, all having fun
learning today’s style of square dancing.
Titled “Mile Zero square dancers brings
together circle of friends,” see the full
article at the following link:
Hip to Dance Square
On Oct. 30, 2012, the Northeast News
published an article profiling this dance
club and its dedicated leaders, Jean
& Bernie. Again, the dancing’s now moved
to Thursday nights at 7 in the Rec.
Centre on McKellar, but you can still
enjoy the past article online at this link:
Square Dancers Bring Circle of Friends




Dance Graphic Backdrop with Standing Couple  
Northern Twisters
square & round dance club

7 pm Monday lessons in today's

style of square dancing got

underway on Sept. 10, 2018.

Call or e-mail to inquire about

the next opportunity to join in.

It will be a great experience!

Regular Monday sessions

at 7 pm are proceeding for a

very economical registration fee.

Free refreshments served

at lessons conducted by

this dance club.

Casual attire - Free parking

All ages welcome including

couples and singles.

   Many benefits:

Have fun - Laugh

Make new friends

Get lots of enjoyable exercise

Reduce stress

Improve memory skills

Dance to some great music!


This club's been enjoying

square & round dance fun in

Prince George since 1957.


Trinity United Church, formerly Knox
1448 5th Ave.
(Downstairs--use the side entrance
closest to the parking lot)
Click here for a map
Gys Koops
Our fun, dedicated
Click here for a PDF copy of poster


Gys Koops – 250-964-4851

(work: 250-564-2503) - E-MAIL


Bev -250-617-6723 - E-MAIL

Club website:
Club Facebook  page:

click here


Note that learning to square dance
at this time positions you very well to have the
skill to participate in some special weekend
events as well as some large Festivals
 & Conventions coming up in 2019 & 2020.
    Of particular note is that several of the biggest
events are uncommonly converging on this
part of North America around the same time
over a two year period.

     Our provincial Festival next year will be
one of the largest ever, taking place
July 11 to 13, 2019, in Salmon Arm
at the Shaw Centre complex.
Click here for PDF of a newsletter.
     See a Facebook article about the opportunity
to experience the thrill of dancing with hundreds
 of others by clicking on this link.
Live lively! Enjoy learning to dance and get ready

for some extra special fun over the next two years.




Skeena Squares dance club

Yes, Terrace, it's possible to

discover the great experience that is

today's style of square dancing

right at home!

Call or e-mail to inquire about

new dancer sessions.

When you do step onto

the square dance floor you'll have

loads of fun, get some valuable

exercise & lots of socialization,

making new friends.

Location:  Multi-purpose room,

Cassie Hall School,

2620 Eby St., Terrace 

(enter at the south door)


Diane Weismiller, Terrace

250-635-6984 - E-MAIL

Learn more about this fabulous

social recreation at the top

of this page or click the following:






Vanderhoof Drifting Squares
Square Dancers

Right in the Vanderhoof area, you can

discover a great experience!

It's today's style of square dancing.

Call or e-mail to inquire about

the next lesson opportunity.

Usually, there are 7 pm

Thursday sessions for newcomers

with up to 3 free lessons

to try it out!


All ages are welcome!

Couples, singles, families.

Children should be at least

8 years old and accompanied

by a parent, grandparent

or guardian.

Come make some new friends

and have loads of fun!

Calories lost are free, too.

Free refreshments weekly.

Economical fees.


Round Dance instruction

(choreographed ballroom)

starting at 6:30 p.m. every week,

included in registration fee


Vanderhoof First Memorial

United Church Hall, 

592 Church Street


Gys Koops, Sandi Jesperson,

Dolores Young

Round dance cuer/instructors:

Dolores Young & Jerita Holmquist


 Sandi Jesperson – 250-567-2088,


Click Here for Club Facebook page





Stampede Whirlaways
square & round dance club

In late September, 2018,

this fun club welcomed newcomers

to discover today's style of square

dancing at 7 pm Tuesdays

in the Cariboo Arts Centre.

A 10-lesson weekly series

is now underway for a nominal


Call or e-mail about the next

opportunity to join in!

When lessons are open,

singles, couples, families

& teens are welcome!

Casual attire, soft-soled shoes.

Free refreshments weekly.

The current sessions proceed

until December 4, 2018.

(see contact information below)


Cariboo Arts Centre - Williams Lake

Cariboo Arts Centre,
90 Fourth Avenue North,
Williams Lake
(in the former firehall)
Click here for a map

Enjoy our 60 second video

"Square Dance Introduction #2:"


Dana Ball, club president – 250-392-3066, E-MAIL

Nick Turner, caller/teacher – 250-392-2432, E-MAIL

New dancers' page on the club website:

Stampede Whirlaways



 - end -


A presentation of the

non-profit British Columbia

Square & Round Dance Federation

Our mission:
To preserve, promote and perpetuate
square, round, clog & contra dancing
and related dance forms.

Produced by SQUAREUPB.C.

A marketing initiative

Website: The Dance Connection

Photographic rights secured


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